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Omaha Immigration Lawyer

Omaha, Nebraska Immigration Lawyer

While the current immigration law has been in place since 1996, many factors impact how that law is interpreted and applied which can make it seem like immigration law is always changing. Nothing has shown that more than some of the recent changes implemented by President Trump. Our immigration team has more than twenty years of combined experience and they work hard to keep apprised of precedent cases, current policy decisions and local trends to make sure you are getting the best advice. They have helped hundreds of clients navigate the difficult and sometimes overwhelming process of immigration.

We understand what is at stake and we pride ourselves on providing not only high quality legal services but also quality customer service. We care about our clients and we want them to know that. We start our cases by doing a detailed intake to assess your history and all immigration options that may be available to you. We provide clients with a thorough explanation of their options to help them determine the best path towards legal status.

DLT is uniquely qualified to help you navigate the complicated immigration system. Immigration issues often intersect with other areas of law and our expert criminal defense, family and civil law attorneys are able to represent you with any issue that may arise during your immigration case.

Types of Immigration Law

We handle a wide variety of immigration matters for clients throughout the United States from our office in Omaha. To learn more about a specific type of immigration law, see the list below and click on the links for more detailed information. If you are ready to speak with an immigration lawyer, please call our office today.

Additional Immigration Information

Our Immigration Attorneys

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