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Omaha Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Collaborative practice is a voluntary dispute resolution process.??Collaborative divorce in Nebraska is a highly specialized area and only a small number of attorneys are certified to engage in this alternative to the traditional adversarial divorce process.

The parties in a collaborative divorce work with a team of trained professionals without court intervention or litigation.??The team of trained professionals assist you in negotiating a mutually agreeable , durable settlement without the cost and time commitment of litigation.??The team consists of lawyers, mental health and financial professionals as well as child specialists.

For more information, visit the collaborative divorce website for Nebraska. Additional information is available on the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals website.

The well-being of the family is the primary focus of a collaborative divorce.??Collaborative divorce, unlike the traditional adversarial method, allows you and your spouse the authority and control over all the decisions to be made regarding your family as well as finances instead of a Judge.

Mediation is another method of resolving disputes without going to court which involves two parties coming together to work through their disagreements and universal issues.

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