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Robbery, Burglary & Theft

Nebraska Defense Lawyers for Property Crimes

Criminal charges for Robbery, Burglary and Theft label people and their records as being violent.? Sometimes exceptions are made and clients are allowed to participate in diversionary programs as opposed to facing felony charges.? If you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, then you have a defensible case.? Just because somebody in your group decides to break the law, that does not mean that you too are breaking the law.? Misdemeanor crimes of shoplifting and theft may also be considered for diversionary treatment.? Repeat offenses can carry harsher penalties.

The attorneys at Dornan, Troia, Howard, Breitkreutz & Conway PC LLO have experience in representing clients with these charges.? We have obtained results such as acquittals, dismissals, reduced charges, diversion, probation, and fines.??

Call or email?today for a free initial consultation with an Omaha robbery attorney.? Payment plans may be an option.

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