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Nebraska Appeals Attorney

Appeals for Criminal Defense Convictions

In most cases, criminal appeals are filed because the case did not turn out how the person wanted it to and they have just been sentenced to a period of time in jail or prison.? The deadline to file the appeal is 30 days from the date that they are sentenced.? Our experience in appellate work has taught us that errors are made.? Mistakes can be made by the prosecutor, judge, probation officer and defense counsel. The attorneys at the criminal defense firm of Dornan, Troia, Howard, Breitkreutz & Conway PC LLO work to get the conviction and sentence reversed.? We have writing, research and argument skills that are put to use in your appeal to help bring about the desired result.? We pride ourselves on delivering those results.? Jason Troia Joe Howard and Sean Conway?have posted links to some of their successful appeals on their bio pages.

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